Mission Ministries

As Jesus was God’s personal missionary, He is the perfect model for us to emulate. As Jesus sent the twelve out in John 20:2, He now sends us. We not only go, we prayerfully and financially assist others that share the Gospel in numerous ways, both at home and across the seas.

Florida School of Preaching

The purpose of the Florida School of Preaching is to train preachers and Bible class teachers for the churches of Christ. There are men who desire to preach but have been deprived of a college education. Some have said this is the only way they can receive the needed training. This school encourages individuals to pursue education to the highest extent possible.

Trevor Dees, with full support from his wife, Brianna, will become a student in early 2022.

Florida Bible Camp

A primary goal of Florida Bible Camp is to provide each child with an opportunity to learn and grow with people who love the Lord and are living daily for Him. It is a place to make new friends and have lots of fun!

Latin American Mission Ministry

Bible School of the Americas — Throughout Latin America, Christian men are eagerly searching for a way to share the Gospel with their fellow friends and neighbors. They wish to become preachers, and they want more training to be able to serve God to the best of their abilities.

Scottish Mission Ministry

Church of Christ in Cumbernauld, Scotland

Graham McDonald — Preacher

Praying that construction will start soon on their new place of worship.

Russian Mission Ministry

Dub Hill — Coordinator

Russian Social Assistance Homes — With love, compassion, education and Biblical training, they restore personal pride and self-esteem to Russian women.

Indian Mission Ministry

Uppalapady, India

Bontha Esudas — Preacher

A minister of the gospel, he is engaged in preaching and teaching, assisting the poor, and encouraging and building up the brethren. He is assisted in the work by his son, Bharath, and his wife, Vijaya.

Prison Mission Ministry

Prison Minister — Gary Wyder

Transforming the lives of prisoners – restoring hope.

Each Sunday, churches of Christ conduct services at different prisons and correctional facilities in Florida. Brother Garry Wyder has been actively involved in these endeavors for Christ and His church since 1982. His wife, Shirley, and other ladies conduct Bible studies at the county jail. We need to remember every person is made in the image of God. No life is beyond His reach.

Coral Springs Ministry

The Springs iglesia de Cristo is located in Coral Springs, FL, and was started in 2014. The church there is multicultural and multilingual, with services and Bible studies in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.