Praying is a critical part of our spiritual life.  No two individuals ever developed a close relationship without communicating, and prayer is our avenue of communication with God.  It’s an opportunity to tell Him our hopes, dreams, doubts, and fears, as well as a time to ask Him for help, guidance, and healing.  It’s also an opportunity to thank Him for the prayers He’s answered.  Prayer creates a deeper faith and going to Him as a group communicates our collective faith in Him, which is very encouraging.  Above all, we know we are only people with limited knowledge of the intricate workings of this life and so we pray that His will is what happens in all things, not ours.  When we pray in our assembly, we usually bow our heads during the prayer as a sign of respect, just like you would bow to an earthly king.  It usually begins by addressing Him as our Father (based on Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 6:9), and ends by asking for our requests to be heard through Jesus’ name (John 15:16).  If you have a request for someone who needs prayer, please let us know!  We’re happy to add that person to our public and individual prayers.