Part of our worship includes taking time to learn more about God through teaching in the assembly, (called preaching) just as the first Christians did (1 Timothy 4:13).  During this time, a brief message is delivered, with content from the Bible as the source.  It’s not always the same format; sometimes it will be a deeper understanding of a specific excerpt from the Bible.  Other times it will be a theme that occurs throughout the Bible, or perhaps a timely message from it related to current events in our community to help us learn what pleases God and how to do it.  The message is given verbally and is intended to make us think, reflect on our lives, provoke questions within our hearts to seek answers, and in general become more educated and knowledgeable about the God who made us and draw closer to understanding Him.  After the preaching has ended, if you have questions, please ask one of us and we’ll look for the answer in the Bible together!