What to Expect

What to Expect When You Arrive for a Visit

Sunday (9am) or Wednesday (7pm)

If you join us for class on Sunday at 9am or Wednesday at 7pm, we usually enter the main building through the double doors at the back.  You will probably be greeted quickly, and we’ll try to make you feel welcome and at ease.  If you have children, just let us know their ages and we can guide you to age-appropriate classes.  Of course, all ages are welcome to join in the main auditorium class, if you prefer.

Sunday (10am)

Right after our classes, we all go into the main auditorium to assemble for worship (don’t forget to pick up a bulletin in the foyer).  Inside the auditorium, you won’t find a big production; our worship is simple, enthusiastic, and from the heart.  There are no assigned seats, so please sit anywhere you like, or feel free to ask us if you need assistance.  Make sure to let us know that you’re visiting so we can introduce ourselves, help you feel comfortable, and answer any questions.  Also, you can relax!  You won’t be called out or asked to stand up in front of anyone.

We usually begin with a short song that most members know by heart, while everyone is chatting and still getting seated.  Don’t worry if you don’t know it, it’s often simple enough that you’ll be ready to sing it with us next time.  Next, we make a few short announcements to add to any items mentioned in the bulletin you picked up in the foyer, and then we begin our worship.

Sunday (5pm)Currently on hold due to COVID

This evening worship is very similar to the morning, but we adjust the order a bit, and skip the announcements.

What to Expect in Worship

When determining what and how to offer worship to God, we look to the examples given by the church that Christ established all the way back at the beginning of the church in 33 A.D.  We know from several places in the New Testament that they took joy in performing the following simple acts of worship every Sunday that we still continue today (listed in no particular order).  You can click on each of them to learn more: